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Bevaixl, Switzerland by Fraisine
"There is salt water
pumping through your veins
and your eyes are the deepest parts
of the ocean
and last summer I went for a swim
but the current took me out too far
and I ended up twenty feet under gasping for air
this summer the ocean is calling me drunk at 3 am and I can’t give in
I can’t let myself sink to the bottom
and drown in you all over again"
you broke my heart and now you want another chance (via e-xhilrate)

This is my new favorite I’ve never connected to something so well wow

(via first-star-i-see-tonight)


I love this song. ❤️

Into the Abyss , 2012, Angel Orensanz To know more about Angel, just click here!  

Marlon Teixeira for Scapa Sports FW14/15